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Get Up-To Five Free Samples PLUS free shipping!
Get Up-To Five Free Samples PLUS free shipping!

Industrial Grade Laser Tape Measure ,±2mm Accuracy, Upto 40 meters

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Laser Measure Upto 40 Meters!


We upgraded the traditional single laser tube structure to a dual laser tube structure. This change effectively reduces the error caused by excessive temperature.With laser precision technology, accuracy ups to ±1/16inch, measuring distance extends to 131 feet.


Large backlight screen provides you with a better visibility in dark areas; Mute setting allows you turn on or off the measure beep at your will, suitable for using in library, classroom and other quite places.


Area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method-three points; Addition and subtraction; Low battery indication; 20 groups data memory; Manually delete data; Auto shut down after 180s without any operation to save power.


The laser measure can complete most measurements in 0.5 seconds. You can also manually delete the data. The continuous measurement mode records the maximum and minimum values measured by the laser distance meter. The dual bubble levels help to obtain more accurate measurements. There will be an audio prompt after each measurement.


The product comes with a durable storage bag that provides protection from dust. .