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Get Up-To Five Free Samples PLUS free shipping to Victoria!
Get Up-To Five Free Samples PLUS free shipping to Victoria!

Quokka Natralis Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet (VA15)

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▪️ 👌Commercial Flooring Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet
▪️ Highly durable, easy to clean and low maintenance.
▪️ Delivers ultimate protection, exceptional performance and ease of maintenance (easy cleaning)
▪️ Exceptional durability: Consistent appearance, superior wear and abrasion resistance, withstanding heavy boot and rolling load traffic.
▪️ Optimum surface profile for chemical resistance, easy cleaning and easy maintenance
▪️Hygienic: Unique formulation and surface profile promotes easy cleaning and resistance to soiling
▪️ Low cost: Easy maintenance with no polish required
▪️ VA15 Quokka 


Type of Flooring: Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl
Size: 16.0m (L) x 1.83m (W) x 2.0mm (T)
Total Thickness: 2.0mm
Collection: Natralis 
Weight: 3.0 kg/m²
Surface texture: Lightly embossed

*Each Qty is 1 SQM

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