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Get Up-To Five Free Samples PLUS free shipping!
Get Up-To Five Free Samples PLUS free shipping!

Transform your space with just a click. Upload a photo of your room and let our AI-powered Interior Designer guide you to find the perfect floor.


How It Works - Step-by-Step Guide:

1️⃣ Drag & Drop: Easily upload a photo of your room.
2️⃣ Magic Moments: Wait while our AI works its 30-second magic.
3️⃣ Voila!: Witness the best hybrid floor color recommendations for your room.

Why Use the Instant Hybrid Floor Color Advisor?

Expert Guidance

Receive professional color recommendations from our AI-powered Interior Designer, tailored specifically to your room's photo.

Fast and Easy

No more guesswork or overwhelming choices. Get personalized advice in just 30 seconds with a simple photo upload.


From the comfort of your home, access expert flooring advice without the need to visit a store or consult a designer in person.

Free Service

Enjoy this innovative service at no cost, helping you move one step closer to your dream floor with confidence.


Mildred Mason


When we decided it was time to revamp our living room, the thought of choosing the right floor color was daunting. That's when we found National Floors' Instant Hybrid Floor Color Advisor. The process was incredibly straightforward – we simply uploaded a photo of our room, and within seconds, we received professional flooring advice. It felt as though we had a personal interior designer guiding us through our decision. The recommended color options were exactly in line with our tastes and the overall aesthetic of our home. We're thrilled with our choice and grateful for the hassle-free experience. Thank you, National Floors, for making what seemed like a challenging decision, easy and enjoyable!

Randy Tyler


I've always been hesitant to make big changes in my home without professional advice, but consultations can be costly and time-consuming. Discovering the AI Floor Advisor on National Floors' website was a game changer for me. The recommendation I received after uploading my kitchen photo was spot-on. The advice included not just color options but also style suggestions that would complement my space. This service has saved me time and eliminated the stress of indecision. Now, I'm confidently moving forward with my flooring renovation, all thanks to National Floors. Highly recommend their innovative and user-friendly service to anyone looking to update their floors!

Edwin MCKenzie


As a first-time homeowner, I was overwhelmed with the choices for flooring. I wanted something durable, stylish, and within my budget. The Instant Hybrid Floor Color Advisor from National Floors was a lifesaver. Uploading a photo of my dining area and receiving personalized advice felt like having a professional right beside me, making the decision process so much easier. The recommended hybrid flooring options were not only beautiful but also practical for my needs. I appreciated the quick, expert advice that helped me make a decision I'm absolutely happy with. National Floors has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I can't wait to see the final result in my home.